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The Most Important PR Questions for Writers & Filmmakers

Quick questions:

Why are some authors and filmmakers featured in magazines, newspapers, and on TV, while others seem to remain under the radar? 

Why do some careers take off while others falter or flounder?

The quality of the artwork; that’s always a good starting point, but that is seldom the complete answer.

We all know of some magnificent artists whose work seems to be stuck in perpetual twilight, while others, whose work might not be quite as amazing, garner media coverage.

This is rarely a simple matter of luck.  Wait long enough and the media will find you, is seldom a good game plan.   Those authors and filmmakers who achieve media coverage have generally taken their career into their own hands. 

One of most important question an author or filmmaker has to ask is:

Do I care enough to give your art a chance to succeed?

If the answer is yes, here’s the next question -

Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and actively work to promote yourself and your art?

The most successful artists generally see marketing and PR as a part of their job description.  The upside is it’s not about selling, but about telling compelling stories. Effective PR is effective storytelling.

And who better to tell stories than authors or filmmakers?

The media and the public are interested in the process and in the artist’s journey.  That’s not to say that your story needs to be dramatic, tragic, or theatrical to be effective, but that you need to showcase your work within the context of a story.  Everyone has a compelling story.  All artists, whether they be authors, filmmakers or musicians, have taken a captivating journey.  The trouble is that most are too close to their own experiences to see which stories are the most compelling, which is why working with someone who can view you and your story through a fresh set of eyes can help.

Public relations and marketing are nothing new in the art world.  Centuries ago artists had to promote themselves to patrons, now the focus is on the media and the marketplace.

The myth of the artist is that true artist simply create and wait.

And that myth is precisely that - A myth!

Try that approach and you could be waiting your entire life, while no one sees your work.

Since you need to market is a given, the question is -


Those that can afford to hire a PR firm, should.  Those who can’t should learn PR and marketing steps that they can start on their own.  But the bottom line is that you begin to shine a light on your art

And that you start –




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