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“Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. developed a successful PR campaign for me and my book, landing placements in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Time magazine, NPR and various other media outlets. The firm has always given us personalized attention. I feel they’re part of my team. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


“They have helped me be featured on major news outlet as well as local outlets, including ABC, FOX, CBS, the Wall Street Journal and more! They have helped to craft timely pitches that has truly helped build up my authority in my niche and my industry. I really appreciate their professionalism, their enthusiasm, and their motivation to get me placed and their consistently placing me It's been well worth the investment and looking forward to continuing our work together!”


EdD, M.A., MFT
"Working with Anthony Mora and his team was the greatest experience I have ever received. Because of him and his team I was able to gain exposure for my work and up my sales. Not only did they drive sales to my website, but I was also featured on a number of media outlets including podcasts, magazines, as well as a live television interviews. My sales boosted, my inbox was flooded with great opportunities, and I even landed an interview with a filmmaker. Thank you so much for the best opportunity and I look forward to working with the team again in the near future."

Ella Hall

"When it came to time to partner with a PR firm to launch my book, "Full Throttle: From the Blue Angels to Hollywood Stunt Pilot," I chose Mora Communication specifically for Anthony's expertise in public relations He and his team did an exceptional job in booking television, radio, and print interviews for a successful launch. The team, as a whole, exceeded my expectations and drove book sales, leading to national recognition."

Scott Kartvedt

"Thank you from my heart to yours for all the hard work and positivity. What I valued most was the sense of expedience and professionalism that was so obvious to me. You were pivotal in my success story and no doubt we will work together again. I just want to reflect back to you the high value of authentic relationship and high integrity that marks your operation."

Jo-Ann Triner

"Anthony and his team get the job done. An abundance of opportunity and exposure resulted from the professionalism, personal touch, and thoroughness they bring to the table. Working with them was my steppingstone to fulfilling my dreams and getting my brand known. I couldn’t have done it without them. A class act that delivers results!!"

David Richards

"It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your team. The opportunities lined up for both TV and radio were great."

Patrick Asare

"Your team has been not only enjoyable to work with but so highly talented. Top notch people over there!"

Dr. David Smith

"Anthony and his team devote the time and effort to developing a deep understanding of their clients. They tailor their work to the client’s needs in a very personal and professional manner to maximize results. I feel like a collaborator more than a client and the results are terrific!"

Brian Morra

"The team at Anthony Mora Communications is truly phenomenal! Investing in the Anthony Mora Communications team is a roadmap toward success."

Fran Fisher

“I would recommend PR for Writers to any authors looking to gain exposure for their books and establish their brand. I was a first-time author, and Anthony Mora and his staff were attentive, responsive and walked me through every step of the process. Unlike many PR firms they make a point of media training each client. The media training session was remarkable and helped me hone my message for TV, radio, podcasts and print. I started getting the media the first week – and the media opportunities kept coming. They made it a collaborative, fun process. I’ll definitely be back. ”

Jimmy Jenkins

“Anthony and his team were absolutely top tier public relations and book to film strategists. They were tireless in their pursuit of opportunities for my brand to be noticed, amplified, evolved, and expanded. I have dealt with many in this space over the years and would never think of going anywhere else after this experience!”


“The Anthony Mora PR Team is absolutely incredible. Their campaign is second to none. Being an independent author and screen writer, I am blessed beyond belief to have such an amazing group of people, working to help make my dreams come true.”


"Anthony Mora, PR for writers and filmmakers, a phenomenal company in communications and PR, the center of gravity for my project, very professional and very polite people, I could not ask for a better outcome for my poetry collection project for mental health awareness, a ten-star company."

Tyvonne Conrad

“I had a fantastic experience working with Anthony Mora Communications. They were professional, offered personalized instructions and opportunities to build media awareness for myself and my books. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for representation.”


Psychotherapist / Author
“Anthony Mora and PR for Writers has done a fabulous job representing not only my book, but also my brand. From the coaching, to making connections for interviews, his staff was genuine and made me feel like my product was important to them. I will definitely use Anthony Mora PR for Writers again!”


“Working with Mora Communications has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise and attention to detail has been vital in guiding me through the complex process of promoting my work. From the media training of Ann Convery to the promotion and strategic planning of Grace Topalian and Anthony Mora, they have been and continue to be an integral part of my success and would be an immeasurable asset to any writer looking to heighten their profile.”


“I had been through media training a few times before I was referred to Ann Convery, and felt comfortable speaking to groups and to the media. Working with Ann polished whatever skills I had and took my confidence and my delivery to a new level. With her help I can now comfortably speak without notes, and I can prepare a talk on very short notice and know that the audience will find me well prepared. In addition to being very professional, Ann Convery has a wonderful sense of humor that made our time together a delightful experience.”


“I have had an amazing experience with Anthony Mora and his hard working team. They have all made me feel like they truly care about me and my success. Their support and consistent communication has really meant a lot. Due to their efforts on my behalf, I have connected with great people and have gotten to experience opportunities that were out of my reach. Thank you, Mora Communications.”


“I worked with Anthony Mora to establish a media presence; one thing leads to another. Magazines, podcasts and TV appearances have opened up other opportunities to get my books noticed and featured. I feel the energy and momentum of my movement happening.”

Sonia Palleck

“Having never worked with PR firm before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Anthony Mora Communications, Inc, worked with us to craft our message and teach us how to deliver it. Their training was exceptional. We received media coverage in local and national media including Elle and the Los Angeles Times. The business grew by well over 200% within six months of bringing Anthony's team on board.”

Mike Comer

CEO of Healing Services Consulting
“Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. was that company and now become a valued member of my team. They communicate with me on a regular basis and have worked with me to create develop and implement a successful media campaign, resulting in both national and local media coverage. If you're looking for an effective PR company, the is the firm I recommend.”

Gail Katz

President & CEO of (true)Promise…Uplifted!!
“I truly feel that working with Anthony Mora Communications has been the best PR decision I have made… To date the media response and the placement Afterglow has received as been amazing. It's incredibly exciting to see and it wouldn't have been possible without the resources and hard work of Anthony Mora Communications, Inc.”

Kristin Adams

President/CEO of Afterglow Cosmetics
“It’s nice to have that warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re the client who’s with the best in the business. Your professional staff are second to none.”


“I am the author of the Joth Proctor Fixer Mysteries, a multi-book series of contemporary legal fiction novels, and I have worked closely with Anthony Mora Communications to publicize these books. I made a wise choice. Anthony and his team invested time and energy in familiarizing themselves with my work and in preparing me for the many publicity opportunities that they secured for me in TV, radio, podcasts and other media. Their deft touch and person commitment make all the difference. I recommend their services without hesitation.”

James Irving

“My experiences with Anthony Mora Communications were definitely rewarding and satisfying. I made the right decision.. Thank you, Anthony Mora Communications for an amazing journey that was both professional and productive”

Dr. Shelley McIntosh

“Thank you for the completely over-the-top fantastic PR job you guys did for me. It was above and beyond all expectations. You guys rock!”


Fine Art Photographer
“Not only have I been thrilled with the professionalism and prompt communication provided to me by Anthony Mora Communications, but my expectations as far as response and his group’s ability to obtain results have been far exceeded. I would strongly recommend Anthony Mora Communications and PR for Writers.”

Rachel Wellner

M.D., Author


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