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The Filmmaker’s 5 Main Marketing Myths

You’re a filmmaker, not a marketer or promoter.



That approach to filmmaking can lead you basically nowhere.  You might end up with a gem of a film, a film that’s important, a film that could succeed - and a film that gets lost.

As a novelist, playwright and PR consultant, I know both sides of the street.  I understand your marketing misgivings as an artist, as well as your promotional necessities as a marketer.  I know the practical and emotional hurdles that often come with having to market your work.

So, let’s cut to the case, when it comes to filmmaking, PR is not a luxury.

PR is a necessity.

But simply understanding you need to market isn’t enough. It’s important to know how to effectively promote you and your film.  Trouble is, there are quite a few myths floating around about how PR works. Myths that can make you feel that you’re moving forward in your PR and marketing efforts, when you’re actually standing still.  So, let’s tackle some of them.  Below are five of the main culprits

The Filmmaker’s 5 Main Marketing Myths:

1)            Sign with a distributor; and your marketing and PR will be taken care of.

2)            Regularly updating your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is enough.

3)            Send a press release out through a paid wire service and that will take care of your PR needs.

4)            Online promotions and giveaways is all you need to establish your film in the marketplace.

5)            One magazine article or TV interview will launch your film and your career.

There are definitely more myths than these five, but these are some of the main culprits.

If you can hire a PR team or consultant, do it.  It will be well worth the money and save you headaches.  If you’re not able to, do your homework.  Learn the dos and don’ts of promoting your work.

Truth be told, a mediocre filmmaker who promotes will generally be more successful than the talented one who doesn’t.

But talented filmmakers who also market and promote are truly ahead of the game.

That’s the club you want to belong to.




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