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Action On Film: Both a TV Talkshow and a Film Festival

del westonFor years I had heard good things about Del Weston’s Action On Film International Film Festival and Writers Event (which will be hosted in Monrovia, California this August).  I’d also heard about the launch of Del’s Action On Film TV talk show which goes out nationally via Time Warner Cable, Champion Broadband, PEG Media and the internet.  I’d even booked clients on his show, but, I’d never actually met him.  Well, not long ago that was rectified when I was asked to appear on the show and talk about PR for Filmmakers.

It was a great experience. Del is not only a guy who cares about films, he cares about filmmakers and all of those connected with filmmaking and that shows in his interviewing style.  My mantra to filmmakers is to market their work, publicize their films, build a bridge between their film and the public and Del offers filmmakers the perfect forum.  The interviews aren’t comprised of the canned, expected questions that most interviewers ask.  The questions are thoughtful, insightful, often surprising.  He was kind enough to ask me back to do a second segment and on the second show we talked very little about public relations.  The bulk of the interview was about writing, my novels, plays and how I view life from the perspective of a writer as opposed to that of a PR consultant.

Del, who is a film producer and director, began shooting the thirty minute talk show in early 2013 and after a year of searching for the right combination of hosts, he was joined by veteran character actor Mark Giardino.  Giardino recently directed the new Joe Pesci documentary, Behind The Gate.

These two know moviemaking from the inside out.  That’s important, because here you have a show about film and filmmaking run by two professionals who have been in the trenches.  They don’t just talk about film, they know film.  They’ve made films.  Therefore they not only know the questions to ask, but they can commiserate and empathize with their guests.  They know the nuts-and-bolts of what filmmakers go through.  They know the joys and they know the heartbreaks and they can speak to their guests from that perspective.

For me, what makes this show unique is that it’s not another show where two hosts are reviewing films or simply talking about the top grossing movies of that particular week.  They are talking to filmmakers, actors, directors, producers and others involved in the industry about a host of topics.  They open a window to the world of independent filmmaking which (with all of the changes taking place in the industry) is perhaps more vibrant than it’s been in years, but also more challenging.

To quote Del: “When I first started the AOF, I got filmmakers who had never been in front of the camera.  They had never done interviews and they definitely didn’t have the chance to talk about themselves in any meaningful way in front of an audience.  This show belongs to them.  We’re just getting started with this show.  As a companion to our film festival, Action On Film, this is one of the best ways I’ve seen to spread the word about what veteran performers and new talent are up to in the industry.”

And speaking of the Action On Film International Film Festival and Writers Event, it will return to the city of Monrovia CA. for a third season.  The festival which has hosted such stars as Talia Shire, Debra Kara Unger, Robert Loggia, Tom Sizemore and John Savage will mark its tenth season by showcasing nearly 500 films, videos, documentary, experimental and animation projects.

I’ll be writing more about The Action On Film International Film Festival and Writers event in the coming months.  I’ll be offering a PR for Filmmakers seminar at AOF and to learn more about the festival and the workshop, stay tuned.

Check out the Action On Film TV Show at:   www.delwestononfilm.com and The Action On Film International Film Festival and Writers event at: www.aoffest.com

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